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Since 2023 all new construction projects above 1000 square meters must comply with Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) regulations: All new buildings must document their CO2 emissions over a lifespan of 50 years. Today there is a limit of 12 kg CO2 per square meters per year – in six years the limit will be only 7kg.

This is a major challenge for construction industry, but the solution is here: Upcycling Forum provides a platform to catalogue and classify used building materials for upcycling; calculate the CO2 reduction provided by the materials; integrate the use of materials in design and construction plans; and buy and sell materials for upcycling.


What we need is upcycling, where old products are given more value, not less.

Upcycling is the opposite of downcycling, which is the other part of the recycling process. Downcycling involves converting materials and products into new materials, sometimes of lesser quality.

Reiner Pilz

German mechanical engineer who coined the two opposite terms downcycling and upcycling

The video below (in Danish) explains how Upcycling Forum can help you reduce the environmental impact of your next construction project.