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ExSeed Health are male reproductive health experts addressing the 40% of infertility attributed to male factors but often neglected in the current treatment paradigm across the world.

They have built a comprehensive point-of-care medical device platform leveraging cloud computing, AI, computer vision, and sophisticated digital microscopes coupled with a patient management system. The cloud-based diagnostics platform democratizes access to healthcare, both for patients at home and now also in a clinical or lab setting, by providing highly accurate fertility diagnostics at a fraction of the cost of traditional lab-based systems.

After proven product-market fit of their Home Sperm Test Kit and reaching 35,000+ tests on the platform, they are now expanding their product offering into the attractive B2B segment with a highly advanced clinic-based diagnostics system – the CASA Lite.

CASA Lite is an IVD Class A Medical Device (the Home Test is Class B), intended to be used by professionals in a clinical setting. Released for commercial sale in Q1 2024, the CASA Lite has already been met with enthusiastic reception in the medical community and, by offering highly accurate fertility diagnostics at a fraction of traditional costs, ExSeed Health are on a path of accelerating commercialization and continuing to revolutionize both at-home and clinical fertility assessments.

A testament to the usefulness of ExSeed’s diagnostics platform is their research partnership with one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the field of reproductive health where the Home Test and a dedicated app developed by ExSeed are being deployed in a clinical trial alongside pharmacological intervention. This collaboration, involving their technology in a major clinical trial, has not only validated their solutions in a clinical setting but also shows the versatility of their technology platform.

2024 will be a pivotal year for ExSeed Health with the launch of an advanced clinic offering for medical professionals. The CASA Lite marks a significant milestone for the company; it is the fruition of years of hard work and technological advancements of ExSeed’s engineers and researchers.


We’ve greatly benefitted from Trifork’s knowledge on a range of technical challenges. Trifork were there with us right from the beginning, giving us access to their pool of highly talented medtech developers and knowledge of GDPR compliance as we set out to build a highly secure cloud solution carrying personal medical information.

Morten G. Ulsted

CEO & Co-founder, ExSeed Health