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Dawn Health is a global catalyst for the development of digital health products that drive the empowerment of patients with serious chronic conditions. The company specializes in the accelerated development of regulated software and digital therapeutics build on the Dawn Product Platform.

Platform-enabled solutions and innovative partnerships with Big Pharma, providers, and payers are the key drivers for more remote management of patients.

In 2022, Dawn Health announced its global partnership with the leading pharmaceutical company Novartis. Over the next years, Novartis and Dawn Health will create innovative solutions to drive change in the healthcare ecosystem.

The first product sponsored by Novartis is Ekiva, an app for patients living with Multiple Sclerosis. Launching in Germany in the summer of 2023 as the first market, this product aspires to truly empower patients to receive optimal treatment and outcomes based on remote disease activity, advanced symptom tracking, passive data collection, and deployment of novel digital biomarkers.

The product features and capabilities built in this partnership are highly scalable and reusable across most symptomatic diseases by enabling new levels of insight into disease activity to help optimize chronic care delivery and pathways.