AxonIQ – Enabling scalability, security, and compliance


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chargeBIG, a subsidiary of MAHLE group, is the developer and provider of a smart, centralized, scalable, and low-cost charging infrastructure for electric vehicles. Due to German calibration law requirements, security and latency are very important topics. Data needs to move securely and quickly from charging infrastructure hardware to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) serverless hosted backend, and then to the metering progress screen on the consumer’s smartphone.

With a tough timeline, MAHLE chargeBig developed in parallel three smartphone apps, the charging infrastructure and relevant metering system components, and the backend. For the backend development in particular, they wanted to fulfill today’s functional needs with room for future business models.

Axon Framework and Axon Server Enterprise allowed MAHLE chargeBIG to safely store all data, comply with GDPR requirements, and provide low latency, data security, redundancy, and global scalability. The Axon Server and Axon Framework provided an event store that logs every event that occurs during a charging process

MAHLE chargeBIG enjoyed the following benefits from implementing AxonIQ’s solutions:

  • Implemented end-to-end as a basis for
    full vehicle energy services
  • The basis for further system improvements
    using big data in the future
  • Enabled predictive maintenance for hardware components
  • Allowed the system to provide more and
    better information to improve support to
    chargeBIG customers